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GE integrates its commitment to education, the workforce, and STEM skills throughout the business. From its recent announcement to bridge the STEM gender gap by 2020 by putting 20,000 women in STEM roles at GE and obtain a 50:50 representation for all their technical entry level programs, to its 12th annual GE Foundation Professional Development Institute designed to build leadership capacity for STEM education, GE invests in building the type of workforce necessary to fill two million engineering and computing jobs within the next decade.

Beginning in 2005, the GE Foundation’s Developing Futures™ in Education Program supports high-impact initiatives that improve the equity and quality of K–12 public education in the U.S. Together with their partners, the Foundation and GE employees have focused their work in seven urban school districts, home to significant GE businesses: Louisville, KY.; Cincinnati, OH; Stamford, CT; Erie, PA; Atlanta, GA; New York City, NY; and Milwaukee, WI.

Developing Futures has invested more than $225 million, impacted more than 1.3M students, reached 10,000 educators, engaged 1,450 business leaders, and saved districts more than $20 million to support student achievement and professional development for teachers in more than 2,000 K–12 public schools across the U.S. The Foundation’s efforts significantly contributed to improvements in student performance; one example is Jefferson County Public Schools, KY, which achieved a 21-point gain on 8th grade student mathematics assessments.

In 2016, the GE Foundation launched its Developing Skills initiative. One of its overarching questions was: How can we reach as many of the world’s youths as possible with equitable access to the skills they need to succeed in a digital industrial and global economy?

With the basic premise that students need experiences during which they connect the world of school with the world of work, the GE Foundation went to work to discover the answer. And so, the GE Brilliant Career Lab (BCL) was born – a one-and-first-of-its-kind mobile and virtual lab. The Brilliant Career Labs focuses specifically on enhancing access to skills training in STEM by offering high-tech innovation centers for physical experiential training, and a website that offers access to similar experiences and career information. The Brilliant Career Labs launched in Boston Public Schools in 2016, with the goal of sharing the mobile labs with the rest of the nation in the coming years.


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