The Power of Mentoring: CA Technologies

Jin Zhang, Vice President, Product Management, CA Technologies, has been with the company for two years, and in that brief time she has made an outsized impact. Starting as a Senior Director of Analytics, building one of the company’s first CA Accelerators, she leveraged her insights and expertise to grow her career, and now leads the Product Management team for the Lifecycle Management project across six business units.

Jin’s mentor is Madge M. Meyer, who served as an executive at IBM, Merrill Lynch, and State Street. She says of Madge, “Whenever I ran into a tough situation and thought about giving up, I reminded myself that the environment in which Madge had to survive is ten thousand times tougher than mine, therefore, I cannot quit.” When asked about the power of mentoring, Jin replied, “Just starting out can be scary, especially in the technology field. Be true to who you are, be kind, yet always reach for more. Ask for help, find a mentor, and if you are thinking about backing out, hang in there.”

Madge shared, “If you can acquire different soft skills from each person, you’ll become far better.” She believes that, “Innovators reach out to others. Too often, I see hardworking young Asians asking why they got passed over for promotions, when they do not make networking a priority.”

Jin goes on to say, “We all have diverse backgrounds and experiences, so we react to the same situations differently. The combination of these ideas and experiences allows us to get the best of both worlds. When we all ‘bring what we bring‘, the possibility of having a bigger impact on our business skyrockets. By bringing our unique differences, we can always count on being surprised by a point of view – which is mentally stimulating.”


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