The Power of Mentoring: Samsung

Alyson Freeman, Project Manager in Process Innovation, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, has experienced many types of mentoring through her personal life and career with Samsung, from one-hour-a-week at a local school, to informal meet ups for coffee, to taking part in the Samsung Women in Technology networking group. Ever since college, mentoring has played a significant role in her growth. Alyson transitioned from Process Engineer after her first two years at the company to her current role, where she leads teams of engineers to cut costs, create efficient processes, and boost safety and quality. After moving from Florida to New Mexico to Texas after college and having few professional or personal connections, mentoring was her lifeline.

In a formal nature, Alyson is the Chair of the Board of the employee-designed Women in Tech program, which holds events to pair women with mentors based on a questionnaire. Topics include promotions, maternity leave, onboarding, leadership, and setting objectives. Alyson also travels a few minutes from the office once a week to a school to talk to students about their days, science and tech careers, and school projects, and play games. She has been active with this school for five years, along with about 40 other volunteers, and she shares that the days mentoring students are her favorite as she can “do something meaningful and interesting”.

At a time of another personal milestone, a pregnancy, Alyson reached out to a former manager’s wife who she knew had experience navigating maternity leave. Through once-a-week meetings for coffee to gather advice and helpful tips, she gained the confidence to reintegrate into work after her leave.


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