Innovation. Partnership. CEO Leadership. Measurement.

Since 2000, CECP has presented its annual Excellence Awards to companies demonstrating exemplary evidence of all four criteria outlined below.

CEO Leadership — CEO is actively and effectively involved in the success of the company’s community investment programs.

Innovation — Nominated program stretches beyond traditional approaches and solutions in the pursuit of exceptional results for communities and the company.

Dedication to Measurement — Company and its partners demonstrate a strong commitment to accountability, benchmarking, and continuous improvement throughout the nominated program’s lifecycle.

Partnership — Collaboration with partners based on mutual interests and complementary assets that allow the nominated program to exceed the results that the applying company could achieve otherwise, whether alone or with other partners.

Each year, CECP’s Excellence Awards recognize the organizations that best demonstrate these principles. See past winners and download the application. For the Directors' Award, given annually to a nonprofit organization, the emphasis is on partnership with a corporation.


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