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Congratulations to the 15th Annual Excellence Award recipients!

Chairman's Award: PepsiCo
Presented to Indra K. Nooyi

President's Award: PwC US
Presented to Robert E. Moritz

CECP presented the corporate awards on February 23rd at the CECP Board of Boards CEO event in New York City. The nonprofit partnership and Charles H. Moore awards will be presented at the CECP Summit in May 2015 in New York City.  

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Download the 2015 Summit Event Program » (PDF)

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Vivian Pickard, President, General Motors Foundation and Director, Corporate Relations, General Motors Company

Vivian Pickard, President, General Motors Foundation and Director, General Motors Corporate Relations, is an inspiring woman, philanthropist, mentor and leader. She is steadfast in her mission to make a difference, one grant, one family and one neighborhood at a time. When Vivian stepped into her role at the General Motors Foundation, she aimed to set a new standard for the industry.

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This award celebrates a corporate community engagement professional who demonstrates perseverance in the pursuit of societal advancement.


Under her guidance, the GM Foundation began focusing on the areas of education, health and human services, community development, and environmental initiatives for a greater impact across the U.S. 


Presented to Indra K. Nooyi

Safe water is a key building block for ending world poverty. It catalyzes social and economic development, and impacts education, health, gender empowerment, food security, and productivity. PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi recognizes the significance of the global water crisis, and believes that a company’s success is inextricably linked to society’s success, which PepsiCo calls “Performance with Purpose.” 

The Water Cellars for Mothers project, led by the China Women’s Development Foundation with support from the PepsiCo Foundation, provides villagers in the Guangxi Province of China with access to clean water.


Presented to Robert E. Moritz

PwC’s Earn Your Future is a $160 million, multi-year commitment that strives to impact the lives of 2.5 million students and educators across the United States. The goal is to intervene at the earliest stages of children’s lives by helping instill responsible financial behaviors that will position students for future job readiness and economic stability.

PwC's Earn Your Future has reached more than 1.2 million students and educators.


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Presented to Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global
In partnership with the John Deere Foundation

PYXERA Global creates groundbreaking tri-sector partnerships to create shared value and innovative solutions to complex social challenges. Their key initiatives leverage a wide range of services to transform lives and livelihoods, including integrated community development, global pro bono, and local content development. With experience in over 90 countries, 2015 marks PYXERA Global’s 25th anniversary. 

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Children attend a JIVA after-school tutoring class in Morra village, Rajasthan, India..

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