14th Annual Excellence Awards Winners

Innovation. Partnership. CEO Leadership. Measurement. 

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Congratulations to the 14th Annual Excellence Awards recipients!

Chairman's Award: Cargill
Presented to Gregory Page

President's Award: PG&E Corporation
Presented to Anthony F. Earley Jr.

CECP Chairman Doug Conant presented the corporate awards on February 24th at the CECP Board of Boards CEO Roundtable in New York City.  The nonprofit partnership and Charlie Moore awards will be presented at the CECP Summit on May 20th in New York City.  

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President’s Award

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PG&E Corporation
Presented to Anthony F. Earley Jr.

Supporting the environment, and fostering economic and community vitality are the goals of the PG&E Solar Habitat Program, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Providing renewable energy to hardworking families helps keep home ownership affordable. Over the last nine years, with the support of thousands of PG&E employee volunteers, the program has brought solar to more than 500 Habitat homes in Northern and Central California, saving each of those families an average of $500 annually on their energy costs.

Providing Affordable Renewable Energy

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CECP presents the President’s Award to PG&E for its PG&E Solar Habitat program in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, providing affordable clean energy for hard-working low-income families.

Tony Earley, Chairman, CEO and President, PG&E Corporation, shares the ideals of the program and has inspired the company by his personal commitment to the community. Earley, recognized for his history in public service and commitment to philanthropic endeavors, “knows that for business to thrive, the community has to thrive – and he leads by example to make that happen," stated Detroit Mayor, David Bing. With Earley’s support, PG&E has achieved all-time highs in volunteerism and employee donations.

Chairman's Award

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Presented to Gregory Page

Passion for improving livelihoods, enabling smallholders, strengthening agricultural supply chains, and alleviating poverty are key forces driving the global challenges taken on by the Cargill and CARE Rural Development Initiative (RDI). Launched in October 2008, this partnership between CARE and Cargill leverages their respective strengths--working with business units and local employees within important supply chains. The program has benefited more than 100,000 people in India, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Brazil.

Improving Livelihoods of International Farmers and Alleviating Poverty

cargill picture-2-brazil

CECP presents the Chairman’s Award to Cargill for its Rural Development Initiative (RDI), in partnership with CARE, improving the livelihoods of international farmers and their families.

Gregory Page, Executive Chairman, Cargill, engages senior leaders and advocates for changes in government and trade policy to help improve access to abundant, safe, affordable, and nutritious food, globally.

CARE works with Cargill business units and local employees within important supply chains to improve access and incomes for farmers, enhance education, combat child labor, and increase basic health care.

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