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Defining and Valuing Pro Bono Service (PDF) »
Press release: “Taproot Foundation Announces That Services Donated by Business Professionals are Valued at $150 Per Hour--A 25% Increase Over 2009 Rates” (PDF) »

The best way to apply a monetary value to pro bono service is to determine the "Fair Market Value (FMV)" for services provided. However, unless business professionals are working as independent consultants or through a professional services firm, they may not have access to these market rates.

In partnership with Taproot Foundation, CECP has developed the 2015 standard for the average per hour value of pro bono service. The current rate is $150 per hour, an increase from $120 as published in 2009, also in partnership with Taproot. The data used for the current valuation model were supplied by the 2015 Salary Guides on average starting salaries (excluding benefits, bonuses, or other incentives) for accounting and finance, administrative, technology, legal, and creative professionals produced annually by Robert Half. The dollar values reflect average, national hourly rates of pay, adjusted for consulting, for multiple professions across three levels of experience.

2015 PB valuation chart* WEIGHTED AVERAGE: Weights were applied to account for the composition of early, mid, and executive career level professionals who typically do pro bono.

For information on the methodology of this study, please contact pr@taprootfoundation.org

Employee Engagement Spectrum

Employee Engagement Spectrum

Estimated value of volunteer time (traditional volunteering) is $23.07 as per the 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics data, indexed by Independent Sector March 2015.


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