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ITT Watermark

As a global leader in the transport and treatment of water, ITT leverages its core expertise through its signature corporate citizenship program, ITT Watermark. Developed in 2008 to provide and protect safe water resources for children, families and communities in need, ITT announced a renewed commitment to ITT Watermark at 2010 Stockholm World Water Week, investing an additional $10.5 million in water solutions between 2011 and 2013. Over the next three years, ITT Watermark will aim to reach one million more people, building upon the 500,000 people it will help by the end of 2010. 
“We created this corporate citizenship effort because we knew ITT was uniquely positioned to address both the commercial demand and growing need for safe water, sanitation and hygiene education in developing countries. The impact of our initial investment not only confirmed this, but inspired us to double our commitment to reach more people with enduring water and sanitation solutions,” said Steve Loranger, ITT’s chairman, president and chief executive officer.

To watch a video of Mr. Loranger discuss ITT Watermark and ITT’s recent commitment to the program, click here.

In the first phase of the program, ITT made a three-year (2008-2010), $4 million pledge to ITT Watermark and worked with internationally recognized nonprofits – Water For People, Mercy Corps and China Women’s Development Foundation – to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to developing countries and to provide access to safe water in times of emergency. ITT Watermark was able to assist 300 schools in Guatemala, Honduras, India and China, in addition to responding to water related disasters around the globe, such as the earthquake in Haiti, cyclone in Myanmar and recent flooding in Pakistan.

As part of ITT’s renewed commitment, ITT Watermark will maintain its current programs, while also expanding its reach to address a full spectrum of water issues in a sustainable manner. The expanded commitment will develop the program’s presence in key emerging markets for ITT –including the addition of new countries in Central and South America, and increasing the reach of its current programs in India and China. The program will also continue to leverage ITT’s expertise to promote water education through the company’s partnership with the Stockholm International Water Institute’s Stockholm Junior Water Prize and World Water Monitoring Day.

Click here to watch a brief video about ITT Watermark’s accomplishments and future goals.

ITT Watermark Employee EngagementKelly Stinson-Bagby, a principal operations engineer in ITT's Night Vision division in Roanoke, VA, gives a presentation on her ITT Watermark volunteer trip to Guatemala .

A large part of ITT Watermark’s success involves employee engagement. More than 300 of ITT’s employees act as ITT Watermark ambassadors in their local ITT sites, taking time to utilize their professional skills to advance the program’s mission and raise awareness of global water issues around the world. In 2010, nearly 15 percent of ITT employees participated in the company’s annual Global Impact Month campaign, and, since 2008, employees have logged more than 20,000 hours of local and global ITT Watermark volunteer activities. For example, ITT volunteers travel to schools in water-stressed regions to conduct water mapping and monitoring in addition to participating in global disaster response training sessions so they can be deployed as equipment experts during emergencies.

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