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By Courtney Murphy
Director, Strategic Inititatives, CECP

Over the course of the past year, CECP, with guidance from Keystone Accountability, has been systematically collecting feedback from our companies to improve our work and help us measure the impact we as an organization are having on the field of corporate societal engagement. Along the way, we applied and took to heart the valuable feedback received. We were pleased to learn that 95% of companies believe CECP will use the feedback effectively. CECP and our companies are still acclimating to this new practice of continuous feedback loops, but our companies’ high degree of trust in CECP and investment in this critical dialogue will be more than rewarded through the actions we are taking now:

By Lance Chrisman

By Carmen Perez
Director of Evaluation and Data Insight

Several years ago, CECP committed itself to not only being the CEO Force for Good, but the global CEO Force for Good. To share and achieve our mission around the world, CECP led the creation of the Global Exchange, a coalition of like-minded organizations connecting in a formal setting to advance the common belief that societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance. The mission of the Global Exchange is to unite country-based, mission-driven corporate societal engagement organizations to advance the corporate sector as a force for good around the world.

By Lance Chrisman

By Lance Chrisman
Executive Director of the Anthem Foundation

Being presented with the Charles H. Moore Award for Leadership in Corporate Community Engagement will stand out as one of the highlights of my career and I couldn’t be more honored by the distinction. As a young professional growing in the philanthropy field, I can recall the first time I met Charlie Moore and the lasting impression his character left on me. Charlie’s relentless pursuit for positive change and his drive for improvements in our profession and our communities embody the essence of this award for me. It’s a complement to join the incredibly distinguished previous winners Vivian Pickard, President of the General Motors Foundation and Eileen Howard Boone, President of the CVS Health Foundation.

Darren Walker – Ford Foundation

Darren Walker
Ford Foundation

“A Call for Corporations to Aim Past Wealth Toward Goodness and A Better World”
I’ve always been fond of a sentiment that Horace Mann—the great American abolitionist and foundational reformer of the American education system—once confided to his journal:
“If any man seeks for greatness,” Mann wrote in October 1838, “let him forget greatness, and ask for truth, and he will find both.”[i]

Sara Adams


Sara Appleyard Adams
Senior Director, Communications and Marketing

Our country is mourning the tragedy in Orlando, and many companies have reached out to us asking how they can help. Several CECP companies have activated their support networks and have made donations to aid in Orlando’s response efforts. As of Tuesday, June 14th:  

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Jennifer Risi 
Managing Director, Ogilvy Media Influence

June 13--You may remember Ogilvy's advertising campaign for Nationwide at the Super Bowl, which focused on reducing preventable accidents at home. It was one of the most memorable commercials in recent years, and while it divided opinion, it succeeded in raising awareness for an important issue directly related to the company’s business imperative. 

Kathy Calvin Blog


Kathy Calvin 
President and Chief Executive Officer, United Nations Foundation

June 8--The late, great John Whitehead, who was a key leader at CECP and a good friend to the UN and the UN Foundation wrote: “I am convinced that a social conscience is sound business practice.” The United Nations Foundation could not agree more. 

Today the business community and the development sector have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to collectively focus on “purpose” to create a more peaceful, prosperous world that benefits us all.

Why is this a unique moment? Because we have a new framework for development adopted last year by 193 nations at the United Nations called the Sustainable Development Goals.

Carol Gstalder blog


Carol M. Gstalder 
Senior Vice President, Consumer Insights North America, Nielsen

June 3--W. Edwards Deming was famously quoted for saying “In God we trust, everyone else bring data.” In the realm of business performance and improvement, the sentiment couldn’t be more spot on. It’s also extremely relevant as companies seek to quantify the effects of their social responsibility efforts, which was a key focus of several “Business Imperative” sessions during the recent CECP Summit in New York.

CECP is a coalition of CEOs united in the belief that societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance. This year’s summit, themed “The New Competitive Advantage,” brought together more than 250 corporate leaders from some of the world’s largest companies that drive societal investment strategies.

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Lance Chrisman
Executive Director, Anthem Foundation

May 19--When it comes to social responsibility at Anthem, Inc., we operate on the belief that it’s everyone’s responsibility. As a health benefits company, it’s core to our mission, but what’s more – as a company of associates who genuinely care about their communities, it’s also who we are.  Anthem is in the business of improving health – the health of all our stakeholders: 50,000+ associates, 72 million customers, and the communities we serve across the country. At Anthem Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm, we take this to another level by committing our collective expertise and resources to create a healthier generation of Americans. No small goal, we have found achieving success is directly tied to our ability to engage with all of our stakeholders and empower them to understand their own unique role as it relates to our social responsibility endeavors.

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Jinny Jeong
Senior Associate, Evaluation and Data Insights

May 2--This year, CECP celebrates the completion of the 15th year of this annual data collection process. CECP pioneered in 2001 a survey to track corporate societal engagement with a small group of committed and leading multi-national companies. 

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