Business at its Best CECP offers leading research, benchmarking studies, and Executive Summaries from CEO conferences and other convenings to advance the case for corporate engagement in societal issues around the world.

Tools to strengthen strategic giving.

Explore CECP's research to discover key trends affecting business in the future, insights from CEO members, practical guides to help address pressing challenges, and trend analyses drawn from CECP’s benchmarking initiative.

Giving in Numbers: 2015 Edition highlights the trends in corporate societal engagement. This report analyzes giving trends from 2014 data provided by an unprecedented 271 corporations, including 67 of the largest 100 companies in the Fortune 500. Giving in Numbers provides benchmarking tables and breakdowns of giving types and program areas by industry for companies to use to compare and inform their philanthropic strategies.

Giving Around the Globe: 2015 Edition complements the Giving in Numbers report with a deeper dive into international corporate societal engagement trends. 

CECP's June 2011 research report with Accenture, "Business at its Best: Driving Sustainable Value Creation," provides five implementation imperatives for planning, managing and scaling a strategy for Sustainable Value Creation. Sustainable Value Creation is a new mode of business that addresses fundamental societal issues by identifying new, scalable sources of competitive advantage that generate measurable profit and community benefit.

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