Counsel & Support

CECP advises, curates, disseminates, and connects on leading-edge social strategies–the way companies engage employees, community, customers, and investors. We support CEOs, corporate executives, community engagement teams, and investors:


  • Analyze and benchmark current strategies
  • Develop solutions to challenges and road maps to meet goals
  • Meet companies where they are to advise them on the steps to take to refine or boost effectiveness of strategies


  • Glean insights through:
    • Nearly 40 industry, issue, and skill-building conferences we attend a year
    • 100 company support calls a quarter
    • Synthesis of research, data, and commentary across CSR, ESG, investor, global giving, and corporate strategy fields
    • Analysis of best practices and case studies on corporate strategies
  • Gather wide swath of knowledge and insights to dramatically reduce individual company discovery and research timeframes


  • Share strategies, trends, data, best practices, and leading insights
  • Distribute through events, relationships, one-on-one support, and CECP and external communications channels


  • Bring corporate leaders together to develop a support and collaboration network
  • Acknowledge and reduce burden of small teams
  • Provide “matchmaking” around common priorities and challenges


CECP partnership is by invitation only and limited to multibillion-dollar for-profit companies. While CECP does not offer formal partnership (renewed on a yearly basis) for small to mid-size companies, or non-corporate institutions (e.g., academic, nonprofit, government), our latest research, event summaries, and benchmarking reports are all available, free of charge, on our website.

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