Mark Tulay

Director, Strategic Investor Initiative, CECP

Mark Tulay is Director, Strategic Investor Initiative (SII), which seeks to address short-term market constraints that inhibit corporate strategies and investments to build resilient businesses and sustained long-term value. The SII is developing a new platform to enable CEO’s, corporate directors, and institutional investors to discover in common approaches, tools and other mechanisms to achieve long-term value for investors, relevant stakeholders and broader society.

Mark serves on the Board of Director’s and was formerly COO for the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR). He is the Founder and CEO of Sustainability Risk Advisors which advises institutional investors and multinational corporations on the metrics and measurement of corporate sustainability performance.

Mark has served in leadership roles in sustainability initiatives for over 20 years, focusing on advancing the metrics, materiality and measurement of corporate sustainability performance. Mark has built complex and enduring partnerships between multinational companies, NGOs, sustainability experts and institutional investors. As Program Director and the first employee of Ceres, he was involved in the early stages of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). He worked at the Nature Conservancy, where he led the leadership phase of a $60 million campaign to protect over a million acres of critical habitat in Massachusetts. Mark served in leadership research and organizational development positions at several sustainability research and ratings firms as well as investment firms, including Citizens Funds and KLD. He was the Head of Sustainability Research and Ratings for Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and RiskMetrics (now MSCI).

Mark is a frequent speaker on ESG issues and conferences from Dubai, Europe to South Korea. He has written extensively on the investor response to the BP Deepwater Horizon spill and on the role of standards to accelerate the integration of environmental, social and corporate governance factors in investment decisions. His coverage on sustainability issues includes Fortune Magazine, Forbes, The Washington Post, Business Ethics, Boston Globe,, and NPR. He is currently writing a white paper with on Sustainability Ratings 2.0: The Transition to Sustainable Markets.

Mark serves on the Advisory Boards for Cornerstone Capital Group, and holds an MBA from Northeastern University.

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