Comprehensive Service Level – Resources

Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) is your trusted advisor on your corporate purpose journey to build long-term sustainable value and tell your impact story.

Driven by leading companies’ advanced attention to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), CECP has expanded our services to cover the wide sustainability spectrum through our new Comprehensive Services. Building on CECP’s Essential Services,  Comprehensive Services also includes access to broader ESG and long-term sustainability insights, learning opportunities, and support.

What does CECP’s Comprehensive service expansion provide you and your colleagues?

  • ESG Company/Industry Snapshot, powered by Bloomberg
  • Long-Term Disclosure Assessment
  • Quarterly ESG Insights Briefs
  • ESG/Sustainable Business Workshops, such as a carbon course with Tunley Engineering
  • ESG Board/Council Presentations
  • One-on-One calls with ESG/Sustainable Business Advisory Board
  • Long-Term Plan framework, of which 30+ CEOs have utilized through the CEO Investor Forum

At the Comprehensive level, CECP provides you with the benchmarking and insights, convenings, and strategy and communications that define the field in our four other Centers of Excellence–Societal/Community Investment, Employee Engagement, Diversity Equity Inclusion, and Telling Your Story:

  • Proprietary research Giving in Numbers™, Investing in Society, Global Impact at Scale
  • Marquee events CECP Summit, Board of Boards™, CEO Investor Forum; and CEO and Corporate Leader Roundtables
  • Purpose strategy, goal setting, benchmarking, scorecards
  • And much more…

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