The Conference Board’s Sustainability Summit – Integrating Sustainability into Business Strategy

Sustainability Summit: On DAY ONE, The Conference Board will provide an opportunity to discuss why and how to build sustainability into your business strategy. Join professionals from across industries, including CECP CEO Daryl Brewster, to discuss what Wall Street’s arrival means for your approach to ESG; how to sell sustainability; sustainability as a not-so-secret weapon in winning the war for talent; delivering true impact and ROI; and innovating the sustainability function.

DAY 1 Session Topics will Include:

  • Building Sustainability into Strategy, Budgeting, and Operations
  • How to Engage the C-Suite in Sustainability
  • What Investors Want: What Wall Street’s Impact on Your Approach to ESG
  • What Consumers Want: How to Innovate and Market Sustainability
  • What Employees Want: The Not-So-Secret Weapon in Winning the War for Talent
  • Building a Competitive Advantage from Responsible Supply Chain Management

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