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Why Measure?

There are many benefits for companies that collect data on their corporate social investment. With proper measurement tools, companies can present their historical contributions in preparation for budget discussions, contextualize corporate contributions within broader industry and peer group trends to identify alignment and difference, highlight opportunities for new corporate community investment programs or policies, or demonstrate the business value for increased levels or types of funding support.

CECP’s Giving in Numbers is the unrivaled leader in benchmarking on corporate social investments, in partnership with companies. It is the premier industry survey and research, providing standard-setting criteria in a go-to guide that has defined the field and advanced the movement. CECP has the largest and most historical data set on trends in the industry, shared by more than 500 multi-billion-dollar companies over nearly 15 years, representing more than $250 billion in corporate social investments over that time span.

Visit How to Track for more information, or review the Giving in Numbers report. Please contact us at to learn more about our survey process and how your company can be involved. Participation in Giving in Numbers research is free. The 2019 Giving in Numbers Survey is now closed. Login to MyCECP to see the 2019 Summit materials.


Self-Serve Access

The self-serve online system is an exclusive benefit to CECP-affiliated companies. Associated giving professionals can access high-quality benchmarking data and company-specific information on selected topics such as total giving including international giving, matching gifts, and employee volunteerism. CECP companies can also customize and download graphs or charts on this wide range of topics. Data from 300+ leading companies are available.

Customized Benchmarking

CECP’s customized benchmarking data services go beyond what is available in the self-serve access system, providing in-depth analyses of additional topics and insights from CECP’s 15+ years of research. This is an exclusive benefit to CECP-affiliated companies. CECP evaluates and advises companies to make improvements, advocate for adjustments to budget or staffing levels, and benchmark programs year-over-year and against peers.



CECP partnership is by invitation only and limited to multibillion-dollar for-profit companies. While CECP does not offer formal partnership (renewed on a yearly basis) for small to mid-size companies, or non-corporate institutions (e.g., academic, nonprofit, government), our latest research, event summaries, and benchmarking reports are all available, free of charge, on our website.

If you are interested in participating in the annual Giving in Numbers Survey, please fill out this form and indicate your interest in the comment field below.

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