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CEO Virtual Roundtable with Joe Ucuzoglu Executive Summary

Deloitte CEO Joe Ucuzoglu shared his point of view on the impact of recent events, including the US presidential election and developments in the fight against Covid-19, to both the near-term business outlook and the future of stakeholder capitalism. 

CEO Virtual Roundtable with Deanna Mulligan Executive Summary

Deanna Mulligan discusses the evolution of work and trends CEOs need to know related to reskilling, retraining, and education, including practical advice from her forthcoming book Hire Purpose.

Virtual Board of Boards Series: Part 1 Executive Summary

Brian Moynihan, Chairman & CEO, Bank of America addresses collective actions by chief executives to identify a consistent, core set of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics and disclosures to convey long-term company performance to stakeholders, as well as reasons why CEOs should care about ESG investing.

CEO Roundtable with James White Executive Summary

James White shares an updated diversity/equity/inclusion playbook published in Harvard Business Review. Practical advice and actions from a CEO who has achieved results on this front.

Global Impact at Scale

CECP’s Global Exchange Country Partners has released the inaugural Global Impact at Scale report in 18 countries around the world. The paper, the result of a one-of-a-kind international research project, sought to coalesce global company actions related to their ESG issues, community investments, and how certain factors are playing a role in the social strategies … Continue reading

CECP’s Better World Through Business

CECP 20th anniversary book recapping 20 years, reflecting on where we are, with a final goodbye and thank you to our founding Executive Director Charlie Moore who we lost this summer at age 93.

The Return on Purpose: Before and during a crisis

CECP’s CEO Investor Forum and Fortuna Advisors examine the impact of corporate purpose on financial performance by assessing consumer perceptions.

Diversity & Inclusion in Corporate Social Engagement

In this report, CECP explores how companies are integrating diversity and inclusion into their citizenship efforts. The report identifies and shares actionable insights and best practices that corporate leaders can learn from and apply in their own companies

ESG and the Earnings Call

CECP’s CEO Investor Forum and the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Buainwaa release a new paper, “ESG & The Earnings Call” laying out a clear framework for integrating financially material ESG issues and long-term strategy into earnings calls.

CECP’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Booklet

Take a look at CECP’s 20th Anniversary Booklet, which highlights CECP’s movement, milestones, award winners, and so much more throughout the past 20 years.

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