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2016 11th Annual Board of Boards

Fifty CEOs from the world’s largest companies convened at CECP’s
11th annual Board of Boards on February 29, 2016 to discuss the
theme “Competing for the Long Run”

2016 CECP Summit

The annual CECP Summit is an experience that brings together more than 250 corporate leaders from the world’s largest
companies who drive societal investment strategies.

2015 CECP Summit

Under the theme Engage, the 2015 CECP Summit featured leading voices from across sectors, including global CEOs, winners of CECP’s Excellence Awards and the launch of Giving in Numbers, an analysis of 2014 corporate giving trends.

Simplifying Strategy

This strategy toolkit, developed by FSG in partnership with CECP, is custom built to enhance the clarity, coherence, and impact of corporate societal engagement.

Measuring the Value

The industry critically needs to assess current practices and measurement trends, clarify the demands practitioners face for impact evidence, and identify the most promising steps forward. This research report aims to meet that need, by presenting the corporate philanthropy community with an analysis of current measurement studies, models, and evidence drawn from complimentary business disciplines as well as from the social sector.

Shaping the Future

At CECP, we chose to celebrate our ten-year anniversary not by
looking backward , but instead by challenging ourselves
and our membership to consider what the world—and the
environment for corporate involvement in solving social
problems—could look like in the year 2020 if we adopt a
solutions-oriented mind-set on local and global issues.

Business at its Best: Driving Sustainable Value Creation

Business at its Best: Driving Sustainable Value Creation is a 2011 report co-authored by CECP and Accenture which provides practical guidance from CEOs on how to implement a Sustainable Value Creation strategy.

Valuing Pro Bono Service

In partnership with Taproot Foundation, CECP has developed the 2015 standard for the average per hour value of pro bono service. The current rate is $150 per hour, an increase from $120 as published in 2009, also in partnership with Taproot.

The Global Guide to What Counts

This Global Guide represents the first significant step toward a larger objective: leveraging the definition of eligible charitable donations presented herein to unlock a shared language for benchmarking and analysis.

Valuation Guide

CECP’s Valuation Guide defines all terms used in the Giving in Numbers Survey to ensure consistent reporting across participating companies. This is a useful tool for CECP survey participants and nonparticipants alike.

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