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What Counts: The S in ESG

The Social in Environmental, Social, and Governance (S in ESG) work at corporations includes much more than traditional types of corporate contributions: cash giving, product donations, and pro bono service. Multi-Departmental, Socially-Driven Efforts demonstrate important strategy growth for the field.

Advancing Strategy

A companion to Simplifying Strategy and developed by FSG in partnership with CECP, this brief outlines key design steps that leaders and teams can take to advance their initial strategy choices.

Corporate ESG Scorecard 2017

CECP publishes a scorecard measuring corporate performance against Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics. Data is drawn from our annual Giving in Numbers survey.

Investing with Purpose

For the first time, the corporate impact investing market has been quantified and cataloged – one out of three companies report being somewhat or highly active in impact investing, creating an estimated $2.4 billion corporate impact investing market.

Giving in Numbers: 2016 Edition

Developed by CECP, Giving in Numbers: 2016 Edition is based on data from 272 companies. This report not only presents a profile of corporate philanthropy and employee engagement in 2015, but also includes a Trends Summary that highlights the prominent features of corporate societal investment.

Giving Around the Globe: 2016 Edition

Giving Around the Globe: 2016 Edition is the leading source for guidance on the global expansion of corporate community engagement. The Giving Around the Globe report is primarily based on data from over 120 of the world’s largest companies located outside of the United States..

Giving in Numbers Brief: 2016

The Giving in Numbers Brief, represented through an infographic, includes insights on the funds, resources, and skills that companies invest in globally to solve pressing societal challenges.

2016 11th Annual Board of Boards

Fifty CEOs from the world’s largest companies convened at CECP’s
11th annual Board of Boards on February 29, 2016 to discuss the
theme “Competing for the Long Run”

2016 CECP Summit

The annual CECP Summit is an experience that brings together more than 250 corporate leaders from the world’s largest
companies who drive societal investment strategies.

2015 CECP Summit

Under the theme Engage, the 2015 CECP Summit featured leading voices from across sectors, including global CEOs, winners of CECP’s Excellence Awards and the launch of Giving in Numbers, an analysis of 2014 corporate giving trends.

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