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2010 5th Annual Board of Boards (New York)

Consistent with its forward-reaching agenda, the program began with a review of research conducted by McKinsey & Company on the top demographic, environmental technological, and geopolitical trends shaping the landscape for corporate community involvement over the next ten years.

2010 Board of Boards CEO Conference (London)

The conference was launched with an overview of four
potential scenarios for business in 2020 taken from CECP’s
forthcoming thought leadership report titled Shaping the

Exploring Corporate Philanthropy

Once considered a limited corporate function, informally guided by the personal interests of top senior executives, many corporate philanthropy
programs appear to be currently undergoing an extensive transformation.

Measuring the Value: Giving Officer Summary

Corporate societal engagement is as vital as ever to business and society, but it faces steep pressures to demonstrate that it is also cost-effective and aligned with corporate needs. Indeed, many corporate giving professionals cite measurement as their primary management challenge.

Measuring the Value: CEO Executive Summary

To realize meaningful benefits, corporate societal engagement must be managed no less professionally, proactively, and strategically than any
other core business activity.

Earthquake Relief Fund

For three years, CECP partnered proudly
in the planning and implementation of a unique
collaborative initiative: the South Asia Earthquake
Relief Fund (SAERF).

Business’s Social Contract: Capturing the Corporate Philanthropy Opportunity

Since the inception of CECP in 1999, the field of corporate social strategy has become increasingly sophisticated.

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