Advanced Advisory Services

Engage CECP’s team of experts for custom Advanced Advisory support as you build, communicate, and measure your company’s social strategies. Leveraging proprietary frameworks, data, and knowledge, insights from CECP’s coalition of leading companies, and input from key stakeholders, CECP accelerates progress towards your goals.


CECP’s Advanced Advisory services include:

Communications Strategy and Assessment  CECP will review social media, websites, CSR reports, and news channels of the company and other peer companies to compare how companies communicate based on the areas of CEO leadership, Innovation, Measurement, Partnership, Long-Term View, and Storytelling. CECP can also assist with developing communications plans for external stakeholders and to employees.

Investor-Facing Sustainable Long-Term Plans  Create a long-term plan for your company, drawing from the latest CEO Investor Forum research and best practices on communicating to investors environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors around growth, strategy, and risk.

Measurement Advisement  Lever CECP’s proprietary Measurement Fundamentals to take your team’s measurement practices to the next level. Providing assistance at all stages of the process, CECP can apply its expertise to review and recommend updates to current scorecards or dashboards, and infuse a data- and results-driven approach to a strategy review. CECP can partner with your team to identify the Vital Few, most important metrics for your community investment function and uncover Visible Value–how does the team show social and business impact?

Social Responsibility Benchmarking  Gain an understanding of how your company compares to others, using data from the unrivaled leader in benchmarking, CECP’s Giving in Numbers, as well as external sources such as the Bloomberg Terminal, CSR reports, rankings, awards, and company-specific research and outreach. Leverage CECP data insights to build internal presentations for executives or strategic decision making. CECP’s analysis will position your company in relation to others and identify opportunity areas.

Strategy Review and Facilitation  Seeking to launch or refresh a corporate foundation, employee engagement, or corporate social strategy? Utilizing CECP’s proprietary Pillars of Excellence and Purpose Indicators, as well as two decades of thought leadership, CECP experts will review your strategy, programs, and communications to provide recommendations, best-in-class examples, and leading trends from the field. As part of this process, CECP leadership can facilitate meetings among teams, boards, executives, or cross-departmental functions.


For more information, contact: jjeong@CECP.CO

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