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What’s included in CECP affiliation?






  • 3 marquee events, 5 additional event types in person and online, 60+ events annually
  • Accelerators, benchmarking, Fast-Track Consulting, one-on-one calls, annual affiliation agenda setting meetings, peer connections, Global Exchange, presentations, recognition
  • 3 Annual reports, MyCECP affiliation hub with Data Center and Knowledge Center, CECP.CO, topical reports, Integrated Long-Term Disclosure Assessment, ESG Snapshot, ESG/Sustainable Business Insights Brief, 6 newsletters, blogs
  • Largely unlimited access to CECP services and benefits for all members of your teams across the company

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CECP is a trusted advisor to companies on their corporate purpose journeys.

The Power of the Network: CECP


CECP has been such a great partner to Steelcase over the years.
And we’re are grateful for the Issue Brief project we worked on together about inclusive design. We are leveraging the collective power of the CECP members to build and propel thought leadership to make sure that the future of work is a place for everyone.

Kim Dabbs

Global Vice President of ESG and Social Innovation, Steelcase

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Results: CEO Investor Forum

CECP has advised 50+ companies ($1.2T market cap, including IBM, Pfizer, and Merck) in developing and communicating Integrated Long-Term Plans to reorient the capital markets to the long term.

Results: CEO Engagement

CECP boosts relationships with executives and across business units. A media company instated a new CEO and one of the first to welcome him was CECP. The outreach established the relationship and communicated the importance of their social impact work across the entire company. Their CEO has been plugged in from day one.