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CECP is a trusted advisor to companies on their purpose journeys to build sustainable value.


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Industry-leading research and actionable insights to transform companies’ corporate purpose work.

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CECP draws from its 20+ year Giving in Numbers™ data set to deliver customized benchmarking and in-depth analyses on companies’ societal investment performance—community investments, employee engagement, operations, measurement, and evaluation.

To request customized benchmarking as part of your CECP affiliation, visit MyCECP.

The 2024 Giving in Numbers™ Survey is LIVE! Reach out to for any questions.


Briefs, insights, and frameworks on essential topics and unlimited Fast-Track Consulting support on goal setting, strategy, scorecard/KPI development from CECP subject matter experts, when you need it. Including:

  • Unlimited Fast-Track Consulting and strategy support when you need it.
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  • CECP Accelerators: Deep dives into the fundamentals to advance strategies and the field.
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  • Customized assessments for long-term value creation: Integrated Long-Term Disclosure Assessment and ESG Company Snapshot.
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  • Global Exchange: Relationships and data-sharing with 18 country/region based, corporate societal engagement organizations.
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  • Deeper engagement opportunities: In addition to accessing services and benefits through their affiliation, companies can partner with CECP through a menu of Deeper Engagement Opportunities for an additional fee. Companies regularly work with CECP to advance their specific company needs and to advance the field.
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CECP is a platform for company stories and case studies, sourcing, developing, and sharing stories that communicate the purpose-oriented nature of their work to key stakeholders. In addition, we offer:

  • CEO Engagement Opportunities: CECP is first and foremost a CEO coalition, focusing on the chief executive who can set the tone and pace of a company’s commitment to society.
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  • Sponsorship: Companies demonstrate their leadership through support of research, convenings, thought leadership, and other tailored opportunities.
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From marquee annual events—CECP Summit, Boards of Boards, and the CEO Investor Forum—to weekly roundtables and an Accelerator series, by industry, issue, and region, CECP drives learning and engagement for a network of CEOs and corporate leaders who drive social strategies at the world’s largest companies.


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CECP In the News

Results: CECP was mentioned in 60 top tier media articles over the last year, including Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and New York Times.

CECP Events

Results: CECP features keynote speakers and thought leadership content from leaders of the world’s largest companies, including Brian Moynihan, Bank of America; Barbara Humpton, Siemens Corporation US; Dan Schulman, PayPal; Mark Clouse, Campbell Soup Company; and Fran Horowitz, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Thought Leadership

Results: Giving in Numbers is a collection of data from more than 617 multibillion-dollar companies over 21 years, representing more than $388 billion in corporate social investments over that time span.