Past Events 2015

Handouts, photos, and other resources from our past events

  • February 4-Service for Impact Working Group (New York, NY)
  • February 12-Giving in Numbers: 2015 Survey Explained (in association with The Conference Board) (Virtual)
  • June 10-Social Innovation Summit Pre-Conference Program
  • July 16-Service for Impact Working Group (New York, NY)
  • September 28-Cocktail Reception: Launch of CECP’s Giving Around the Globe (New York, NY)
  • October 14-Global Giving Roundtable (New York, NY)
  • October 27- Service for Impact Working Group (New York, NY)
  • November 17-Social Innovation Summit Pre-Conference Program
  • November 19-Utilities Roundtable (San Francisco, CA)


CECP partnership is by invitation only and limited to multibillion-dollar for-profit companies. While CECP does not offer formal partnership (renewed on a yearly basis) for small to mid-size companies, or non-corporate institutions (e.g., academic, nonprofit, government), our latest research, event summaries, and benchmarking reports are all available, free of charge, on our website.

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