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CECP's CEO Daryl Brewster, other CECP staff, members of CECP's Board of Directors, and other industry thought leaders provide timely insight into trends and developments on the role of business in society.

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  • This blog post was originally published on BBMG’s views page Visa, BBMG and CECP share best practices for brand purpose and storytelling in times of crisis In moments of profound challenge and change, a brand’s response shouldn’t begin with the story they want to tell, says Visa’s Stacey Zolt Hara. It must begin with the […]

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  • Over the course of the past year, CECP has, with support from the Walmart Foundation, led an inquiry into the role and current practice of companies integrating Diversity and Inclusion into their Corporate Social Engagement. This effort has been propelled by a questioning of the role of companies in the midst of rising inequality, racial tensions, […]

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  • Technologies like AI, blockchain, and cloud are enabling us to make significant progress on many thorny social challenges. But without thoughtful stewardship about how these powerful new technologies are designed, developed and brought into the world, they can also be disruptive in a negative way. Companies that are leading the way in developing new technologies […]

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