Past Events 2020

Handouts, photos, and other resources from our past events

  • January 8: 2020 Giving in Numbers Survey Overview (Virtual)
  • January 20: Trends Release: Investing in Society (Virtual)
  • February 7: Focus on Strategy: Social Results Measurement (Virtual)
  • February 12: Focus on Strategy: Going Enterprise Wide (Virtual)
  • February 24: Executive Workshop on Long-Term Sustainability and ESG Disclosure (New York, NY)
  • February 24: CEO Investor Forum (New York, NY)
  • February 24: Board of Boards (New York, NY)
  • February 25: Power & Utilities Long-Term Value Summit, in partnership with Ernst & Young (New York, NY)
  • March 5: 2020 Board of Boards Recap -Key Trends Your CEO Should Know! (Virtual)
  • March 24: Focus on Strategy: Structure and Staffing (Virtual)
  • April 1: Service for Impact (Virtual)

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