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CEO Roundtable with Richard Edelman, CEO, Edelman

Richard Edelman, CEO, Edelman focused on the results of the latest Edelman Trust Barometer, including what it means for CEOs to speak out in today’s politicized climate, as well as the core areas where they can take action such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); reskilling/retraining; and misinformation.

CEO Roundtable with Bob Sternfels

Bob Sternfels, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company focused on the importance of driving sustainable and inclusive growth and building resilience in an age of volatility. Sternfels discussed sustainability and inclusivity metrics, building resilience within organizations, and other elements of purpose-first leadership.

Global Impact at Scale: 2022 Edition

CECP’s Global Impact at Scale report comes on the heels of a tumultuous couple of years for global communities. The research that contributed to this report suggests that a majority of companies’ staff are jointly working on environmental and social issues, as they continue to align ESG resources across functions and around strategic goals, measure … Continue reading

November 2022 Board of Boards Executive Summary

Dozens of CEOs from the world’s largest companies convened at CECP’s 17th Annual Board of Boards in NYC on November 14, 2022, to discuss this year’s theme, Shaping the Future—an evergreen, yet particularly timely topic in today’s volatile climate. 

October 2022 CEO Investor Forum @ The MedTech Conference Executive Report

CECP’s 10th CEO Investor Forum brought together medtech CEOs to present to ~230 investors on October 25-26 in Boston at AdvaMed’s 2022 MedTech Conference. Companies representing over $372 billion in market capitalization shared long-term plans covering growth, strategy, and material Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) risks, three to five years out with institutional investors and companies.

Corporate Foundations: Designing for Impact

The report provides a handbook for companies seeking to supercharge their foundation to be a social innovation incubator. From employee connector to change agent to relationship builder to global ambassador, corporate foundations create transformational value. Read the report today to learn how to start a foundation or be more strategic with the current design.

CEO Roundtable with Joe Ucuzoglu

Joe Ucuzoglu, CEO of Deloitte U.S., focused on the changing power dynamics between employers and employees, how corporate purpose is central to the talent pipeline, and what this means for company leaders.

CEO Roundtable in Partnership with Financial Times

This CEO Roundtable, in partnership with High Meadows Institute, was moderated by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, the Financial Times’ US business editor who leads coverage on the forces and people shaping corporate America. This discussion centered around the expectations of businesses when taking public positions, and how CEOs can respond to increasingly partisan social issues.

2022 CECP Summit Summary Report

The annual CECP Summit is an experience that brings together nearly 300 corporate leaders who drive social strategies at the  world’s largest companies. This vital corporate network engages and  learns together, offering powerful insights on trends, partnerships, and  the business case to advance companies’ role as a force for good in  society.

Method of Production of Long-Term Plans

The work on this project seeks to understand and compare the different methods by which corporations have developed the long-term plans delivered at CECP Strategic Investor Initiative CEO Investor Forums. Through this project we developed insights into how organizational process, cross-team collaborations, available data, disclosure practice, and investor guidance influence the content of a long-term … Continue reading

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