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CECP 2022 Celebration Booklet

Take a look at CECP’s 2022 Celebration Booklet, which includes CECP highlights, as well as company stories and case studies that demonstrate excellence in applying the skills and resources of the business to solve societal challenges.

CEO Roundtable with Mike Gianoni

Mike Gianoni, President & CEO, Blackbaud discussed ongoing risks in cybersecurity and the CEO’s role in building a security infrastructure.

CEO Roundtable with Kelly Grier

Kelly Grier, US Chair and Managing Partner and Americas Managing Partner, EY discussed with CEOs potential environmental, social, governance (ESG) disclosure requirements from the SEC. 

CEO Roundtable with Roy Weathers & James White

Roy Weathers, Vice Chair of Policy & Societal Engagement, CEO of CEO Action for Racial Equity, PwC; and James White, former CEO of Jamba Juice discussed with CEOs and C-Suite executives about advancing corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

Frontline Worker Well-Being in a Time of Crisis

Throughout this report, CECP, with the support of the Ford Foundation, explored the recent challenges faced by frontline workers employed in manufacturing, processing, and warehousing in these U.S. consumer staples sectors, as well as the response of the private sector to those challenges.

Global Impact at Scale: 2021 Edition

The research that contributed to CECP’s annual GX report, Global Impact at Scale: 2021 Edition suggests that the triple crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ensuing economic downturn, and the global reckoning with racial injustice made 2020 a landmark year for external pressures on a company’s performance, bringing the management of ESG issues and community response even … Continue reading

CEO Roundtable with Martin J. Walsh and Darren Walker

Martin J. Walsh, U.S. Secretary of Labor and Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation discussed CECP’s latest research into how the workforce was impacted by COVID-19. Read the Executive Summary of CECP’s Frontline Worker Well-Being in a Time of Crisis report, with support from the Ford Foundation.

CEO Roundtable with Doug Conant

Doug Conant, Founder & CEO, ConantLeadership and former CEO, Campbell Soup Company discussed actionable steps for CEOs to manage changing employee expectations with meaningful and authentic engagement.

CEO Roundtable with Paul Polman

Former Unilever CEO Paul Polman discussed his new book, Net Positive, which revealed key lessons from Unilever and other pioneering companies around the world about how you can profit by fixing the world’s problems instead of creating them. To thrive today and tomorrow, companies must become “net positive”—giving more to the world than they take.

CEO Roundtable with Shelly Lazarus, Michael Roth, & Richard Edelman Executive Summary

Shelly Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus, Ogilvy; Michael Roth, Executive Chairman, Interpublic; and special guest Richard Edelman, CEO, Edelman talked about the role advertising and public relations industries, in concert with CMOs and their teams, have played in addressing the issues of the last 18 months, demonstrating the power of corporate brands in bringing about social change.

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