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The Economic Significance of Long‐Term Plans

The authors summarize the findings of their event study of the capital market reactions to an inaugural set of 17 CEO presentations of their ‘long‐term plans’ to institutional investors.

CEO Roundtable in Partnership with Financial Times

This CEO Roundtable, in partnership with High Meadows Institute, was moderated by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, the Financial Times’ US business editor who leads coverage on the forces and people shaping corporate America. This discussion centered around the expectations of businesses when taking public positions, and how CEOs can respond to increasingly partisan social issues.

2022 CECP Summit Summary Report

The annual CECP Summit is an experience that brings together nearly 300 corporate leaders who drive social strategies at the  world’s largest companies. This vital corporate network engages and  learns together, offering powerful insights on trends, partnerships, and  the business case to advance companies’ role as a force for good in  society.

Method of Production of Long-Term Plans

The work on this project seeks to understand and compare the different methods by which corporations have developed the long-term plans delivered at CECP Strategic Investor Initiative CEO Investor Forums. Through this project we developed insights into how organizational process, cross-team collaborations, available data, disclosure practice, and investor guidance influence the content of a long-term … Continue reading

Emerging Practice in Long-Term Plans: How CEOs Talk About the Long Term

In this paper, we identify content elements essential to an effective investor-facing CEO-delivered long-term plan. We also set out key themes that leading CEOs have addressed in long-term plan presentations delivered at CEO-Investor Forums. We identify why each theme is an enduring subject of investor interest and provide examples of CEO presentations that were well-received … Continue reading

CEO Trend Talk with Kevin Ali

In this CECP CEO Trend Talk, Kevin Ali, CEO of Organon discussed how a new healthcare company developed and launched an ESG strategy—all while keeping an eye towards globalization, governance, and equity. The company developed the ESG strategy simultaneously with its corporate purpose to accelerate the overall impact. Ali explores the challenges and opportunities companies are … Continue reading

CECP 2022 Celebration Booklet

Take a look at CECP’s 2022 Celebration Booklet, which includes CECP highlights, as well as company stories and case studies that demonstrate excellence in applying the skills and resources of the business to solve societal challenges.

CEO Roundtable with Mike Gianoni

Mike Gianoni, President & CEO, Blackbaud discussed ongoing risks in cybersecurity and the CEO’s role in building a security infrastructure.

CEO Roundtable with Kelly Grier

Kelly Grier, US Chair and Managing Partner and Americas Managing Partner, EY discussed with CEOs potential environmental, social, governance (ESG) disclosure requirements from the SEC. 

CEO Roundtable with Roy Weathers & James White

Roy Weathers, Vice Chair of Policy & Societal Engagement, CEO of CEO Action for Racial Equity, PwC; and James White, former CEO of Jamba Juice discussed with CEOs and C-Suite executives about advancing corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

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