Roundup for CEOs

CEO Outlook

  • Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report on COVID-19 Demonstrates Essential Role of the Private Sector. CEO Richard Edelman reveals what workers and the public expect from CEOs during the pandemic. Edelman – Mar 23
  • Three reasons you shouldn’t be worried about America’s food supply right now. United Natural Foods CEO Steven Spinner reminds all to thank the drivers, retail and warehouse staff, and others stocking for citizens everywhere. Fortune – Mar 25

CEO Leadership in Times of Crisis: Examples

  • Remarks by the Coronavirus Task force in Press Conference, including CEOs of Becton Dickinson, LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Roche, Walgreens, Walmart. Target CEO Brian Cornell said, “Normally, you’d view us as competitors, but today we’re focused on a common competitor, and that’s defeating the spread of the Coronavirus.” White House Press Conference – Mar 13
  • Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian Bought a Billboard in Times Square to Inform People About COVID-19. Forbes – Mar 14
  • Bracing for Impact: Share the Sacrifices in a Slowdown. Instead of laying people off, sharing sacrifices across the company worked for Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman during the Great Recession, helping him strengthen the culture and build long-term employee loyalty that paid dividends for a decade. Chief Executive Mar 16
  • Inside the factory: how LVMH met France’s call for hand sanitiser in 72 hours. CEO Bernard Arnault “makes decisions very quickly” by “bombard[ing] you with questions, and then go[ing] off to think.” Financial Times – Mar 19
  • Why Verizon just made a big investment in America amid the coronavirus. CEO Hans Vestberg views Verizon’s US$500M increase to its capital expenditure spending this year to support investments in its network infrastructure as a “responsibility” to invest “in these times.” Yahoo Finance – Mar 19
  • Video Message to Marriott International associates from CEO Arne Sorenson (5:49). “I have never had a more difficult moment than this one.” In the wake of COVID-19, Sorenson announced furloughs for some and pay cuts for others in an exemplary and heartfelt way. Twitter – Mar 19
  • Fighting COVID-19: Regeneron’s Founder & Chief Scientific Officer George Yancopoulos. Podcast with Fortune CEO Alan Murray (26:45). Fortune – Mar 20

CEOs’ Situation Room Topics

  • Save or Invest? Last year’s research revealed companies that sustained their investments in R&D and corporate responsibility performed better in the years following economic meltdowns. They exhibited higher operating performance as measured by return on assets. Harvard Business Review – May 2019
  • Leading The New Normal: Everyone Working From Home. Advice from FMG Leading CEO Matt Brubaker about how companies can quickly and effectively switch to telecommuting. Chief Executive – Mar 19
  • Memo to the C-Suite: Do the Opposite of What your Gut is Telling You. Greg Curhan, a partner at FLG Partners and experienced public company corporate officer, sell-sider, and buy-sider, advises, “the best course of action … is to reach out” to your investors, and here’s how. LinkedIn – Mar 16
  • Coronavirus Crisis Doesn’t Have to Lead to Layoffs. Five creative measures to consider before resorting to layoffs. Harvard Business Review – Mar 20

CEO-Ready Briefings

  • Six steps to sustainably flatten the coronavirus curve by BCG CEO Rich Lesser. Fortune – Mar 19
  • Executive Briefing on COVID-19: Implications for Business. McKinsey & Co. – Mar 20

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