Advancing Your CSR Efforts in 2018: Start with These Great Reads

By Jennifer Weston-Murphy Associate Manager, Corporate Leadership

This year, there have been more articles about the evolution and growth of CSR than anyone could read. On the first few days of 2018, I share here a few of the most thoughtful and important pieces I read from this past year. In total, they take only 45 minutes to read. In no particular order, here they are:

*What CSR Looks Like During a Trump Presidency (Fast Company, 4-min. read):

*Time to Reboot Grantmaking (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 16 min.):

*The Best Companies Know How to Balance Strategy and Purpose (Harvard Business Review, 10 min.):

*It’s Time to Rethink Milton Friedman’s ‘Shareholder Value’ Argument (Chicago Booth Review, 6 min.):

*Amazon Has a Chance to Redefine Corporate Responsibility (Bloomberg View, 4 min.):

*Howard Schultz, Starbucks, and a History of Corporate Responsibility (The New York Times, 5 min.):

As a bonus, CECP’s Giving in Numbers report goes into detail on the latest trends in corporate giving and employee engagement. You can download the 2017 edition here: Happy reading!


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