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Celebrate our People and Communities with Pro Bono

By Anne Gross, Lead, Data Citizens with Purpose, KPMG

The pandemic has arguably been the broadest disrupter in recent memory, shifting our thinking about our deep-seated values and priorities. Many of us have reevaluated how we spend our time, and the meaning of work in our lives. As we continue to shape our new normal, we ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this?”

Leading businesses have recognized that their employees are seeking more meaning in their work. In response, many have adopted or reemphasized a corporate purpose that is connected, in some form, to advancing solutions for society’s most pressing challenges. When that purpose is communicated and acted upon effectively, employees are more likely to feel a more significant impact on their day-to-day responsibilities, giving them a stronger sense of the “why” behind their work. We at KPMG’s Data Citizens with Purpose® (DCwP) program are helping 60+ nonprofit organizations take their “why” to the next level by using data to make a difference on a pro bono basis.

Data is a new currency in business. So, when nonprofits leave money or donations on the table, they do not maximize their value because they do not evaluate, analyze, and harness the insights generated from the data they collect. DCwP supports nonprofit clients with defining their material questions; identifying the available data to answer these questions; and addressing a range of social, inclusion, diversity, and environmental issues. The insights generated are then used to help our nonprofit clients improve outcomes in the communities they serve. A few notable reflections from nonprofit clients who received our support include:

  • “Through our work with a team of highly skilled DCwP professionals who were dedicated to supporting our work, we were able to dive into the data we have on our donors. The deliverables made a direct impact on our strategic plan, and we are confident that the insights gained will increase our donor retention and value of donations. Our DCwP team was full of sharp, creative, engaging, and insightful people who were obviously interested in supporting our agency and our unique needs.” – Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center
  • “The DCwP team was professional and personable, and communication throughout the entire project was extremely effective and thorough. The resulting insights from our data are giving us a great start to seeing patterns and connections across bird collisions, and the various variables examined. We are extremely grateful for all the support the KPMG DCwP program has offered to us.” – National Audubon Society

Nonprofit organizations that engage DCwP’s services are now equipped with a deeper understanding of how to measure impact, where to focus volunteers and donors, and what communities they can more effectively serve compared to before, where they may have felt buried beneath a mountain of incomprehensible data. Ultimately, we help nonprofit organizations advance their missions and enhance their “why.”

Our nonprofit clients and those they serve are not the only ones reaping the benefits of this work. KPMG is passionate about providing pro bono services and encourages its “Data Citizens” to work with nonprofits whose missions they align. This work helps KPMG employees deepen their data and analytics skills while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to make a difference in a field or community about which they are passionate. Our employees have reported that they have:

  • solved a problem for a cause of genuine interest,
  • gained insights on contextualizing data and practical experience using new analytic tools, and
  • expanded the network of professionals outside of their immediate team.

The astounding results of this win-win-win approach—for our nonprofit clients, KPMG employees, and local communities—inform why we, as business leaders, should celebrate and value pro bono service. Pro bono service should be at the core working for a purposeful organization and investing in the communities where we operate. During this Global Pro Bono Week, we at Data Citizens with Purpose ® commit to delivering 50 more pro bono engagements over the coming year. We encourage you to look for opportunities to provide pro bono services that align with your corporate purpose and strengthen your “why.”