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Introducing The Global Exchange

By Carmen Perez, Director of Evaluation and Data Insight

Several years ago, CECP committed itself to not only being the CEO Force for Good, but the global CEO Force for Good. To share and achieve our mission around the world, CECP led the creation of the Global Exchange, a coalition of like-minded organizations connecting in a formal setting to advance the common belief that societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance. The mission of the Global Exchange is to unite country-based, mission-driven corporate societal engagement organizations to advance the corporate sector as a force for good around the world.

On June 21, CECP’s Global Exchange held its first official event,Business for Common Good conference in Tuscany, Italy hosted by Dynamo Academy. Dynamo Academy, a social enterprise offering training in CSR leadership for companies in Europe, has been named the Italy Local Authority of the Global Exchange.

When CECP first conceived of the Global Exchange in 2014, we needed a way to convene the multitude of relationships we had developed as our evaluation and research practice grew to include more companies with an international presence. The Global Exchange – as it was co-designed by the founding members – unites organizations (called “Local Authorities”) around the world that serve large companies on their societal engagement strategies. Affiliates are primarily non-profit, non-governmental organizations, and a few private consultancies. Some focus exclusively on companies while others are cross-sector. The Exchange will not have a representative from every country in the world; instead, The Exchange will focus on larger economies with representation in the Forbes Global 2000.

Affiliates of the Global Exchange offer counsel to companies on how to be a force for good and promote greater corporate transparency, unification, and leadership on the “S” in international environmental, social, governance (ESG) field. At the core of what CECP extends through the Global Exchange will be CECP’s engagement model, which offers CEOs opportunities for CSR and industry thought leadership; internal and external communications support; fast-track consulting in multiple areas; and evaluation and data insights, all while advancing the corporate societal engagement movement globally.

CECP’s Engagement Model


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At the same time, we look forward to continue learning from the network of Global Exchange members and being informed by the insights that result from these relationships. The wisdom created by harnessing local market expertise will inspire and inform CECP’s coalition of CEOs and companies as their CSR strategies become increasingly globalized. In turn, Global Exchange affiliates will influence their own corporate networks with CECP expertise and that of other affiliates.

The power of international exchange is exhibited by the plethora of multilateral and cross-border organizations and stands to only increase as the digital era further increases the ability to communicate between nations. International exchange happens at large and small scale, and by organizations mighty and boutique. CECP and the affiliates of the Global Exchange are proud to be launching this important coalition and we look forward to working with our nonprofit and business partners, as together, we are a force for good.