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Make a Life-Changing Gift to Children and Families Seeking Refuge

By Jamie Mittelman, Senior Marketing Manager, Citizen AOL

Now more than ever, children and families seeking refuge need our support. This holiday season, you can give a life-changing gift to someone in need. Join AOL in supporting Save the Children this year by purchasing a Gift of Joy, and help ensure children around the globe receive what they deserve this holiday season: a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Together, we can transform children’s lives and the future we share. By selecting a gift through the giving pages linked below, you are making a donation to Save the Children.

Educate a Girl: Donate
Emergency Food: Donate
Refugee Basics Bag: Donate
Art Materials & Musical Instruments: Donate
Blankets: Donate
Emergency Shelter Kits: Donate

You can also donate directly to the Save the Children Syrian Children’s Relief Fund.

Why Save the Children? It’s the leading independent organization for children, reaching 185 million girls and boys annually in 120 countries around the globe. Learn more about the refugee support on their website, and contact Citizen AOL at with questions.

Every day, conflict and persecution force nearly 34,000 people – 24 people per minute – to flee their homes in search of safety. The world is currently experiencing the highest levels of displacement on record: over 21 million refugees, nearly half of whom are children under age 18. Save the Children is there for displaced children wherever their journey takes them: from conflict zones, through transit countries to refugee camps.

Aboard their search-and-rescue vessel in the Mediterranean Sea, a blanket can warm and nurture a baby rescued from icy water. Art materials and musical instruments can help boys and girls in their child-friendly spaces to process and heal from horrifying experiences. And for a mother who has lost everything, Save the Children’s refugee basics bag can restore dignity and hope in a time of crisis.

Save the Children is dedicated to using your donation to give every child the best chance for success. Each gift on this giving page is representative of resources, services or support for programs provided across Save the Children’s worldwide movement and may change due to environmental, programmatic and economic considerations. Your donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within that program area or to address similar need.