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Twenty years and going strong!

By André Solórzano, Senior Manager, Data Insights, CECP

As CECP marks its 20th anniversary, corporate social investment is more important than ever. Looking back at the last two decades, measuring and benchmarking social investment overall has become more integrated in corporate strategies and has employed more sophisticated tools and models to evaluate progress. Since its founding, CECP has been steadfast and unparalleled in helping companies transform their social strategy and gain serious, on-going traction.

We know that you, as senior corporate leaders, have the continuously challenging task of communicating and convincing your company’s C-Suite and decision-makers that investment in different corporate citizenship pillars is critical in and of itself and needs to be measured over the long-term.   

To address your needs, CECP’s Giving in Numbers survey, the unrivaled leader in benchmarking on corporate social investments, in partnership with companies, has never been more robust.  As the premier industry survey and research, Giving in Numbers continues to provide standard-setting criteria in a go-to guide that has defined the field and advanced the movement. CECP has the largest and most historical data set on trends in the industry, shared by more than 500 multi-billion-dollar companies over nearly 15 years, representing more than $250 billion in corporate social investments over that time span. The exclusive source of Giving in Numbers, CECP conducts the survey, publishes the report, and leads the valuation and survey guidance, and benchmarking support. 

Demonstrating business impact is in growing demand. In response to your needs, the Giving in Number survey that is open now includes a set of refreshed questions — including our cutting-edge Total Social Investment – to holistically capture the depth and breadth of corporate investments in society, from across the company. We have also expanded how we inquire about evaluation to include business ROI and measurement as a management tool. The 2019 Giving in Numbers survey will continue to include global giving and cash and in-kind investments, as well as employee giving and volunteerism.  

CECP’s data insights equip companies and corporate-giving professionals to make smarter, data-driven decisions in their social investment strategies. With greater focus on business metrics, Giving in Numbers can help you show that community investments are building the corporate brand, increasing employee engagement, and much more. 

Powered by CECP’s insights, USAA was able to “functionally eliminate veteran homelessness in San Antonio”  by connecting “the strength of a company’s performance with the strength of improving the communities where we live and work.” The Giving in Numbers report in part shaped USAA’s approach to giving by helping the organization “frame our work as a corporate investment.”

With the largest data set and global coverage in all sectors, Giving in Numbers is a study among the world’s largest companies that has accurately uncovered corporate social investment trends and trajectories since 2001. The survey includes standards that have advanced work across sectors, including overall valuation of social investments and pro bono, in particular. As a benchmarking leader, CECP continuously addresses concerns and challenges across business units.

Submitting your Giving in Numbers survey is the first step to your access of the largest and most historical data set on trends in the industry. And remember – once you take part in the survey, CECP companies get access to pre-published results, custom benchmarking, fast-track consulting, presentation support, and more!  Why wait to partake in this industry-defining research?  Contact to learn more.