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Following the Business Roundtable Statement

By Daryl Brewster, Chief Executive Officer, CECP

Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) congratulates the companies that took a bold step to sign on to the Businesses Roundtable (BRT) statement. We are proud of the progress CECP companies have made since our founding 20 years ago and see the statement as the next step in advancing business as a force for good.  

CECP is focused on supporting its companies on the statement’s commitments: 

CECP is pleased to work with the BRT to help take this important leap forward in understanding that the imperative of the 21st century is to recognize that the purpose of corporations is to create value in ways that benefit its multiple stakeholders.

We applaud the companies that signed on to the BRT statement and look forward to engaging them more deeply with CECP; we invite the CEOs of those companies to join us for CECP’s 15th annual Board of Boards on February 24, 2020 in NYC and work with us to support their commitments to bring the statement to life.

Read more about the BRT news, here: