Take your corporate giving to the next level

CECP provides in-depth valuation guidance for companies on how to collect, measure, and report data on their societal investments. CECP’s goal is to ensure consistent reporting by creating a common language on what should be included or excluded, as well as how to define and value.

Global Guide To What Counts

The Global Guide to What Counts provides corporations with a standard definition of eligible charitable donations on a global scale. This definition provides corporations a shared language for benchmarking and analysis to track their international giving without the need to rely on complicated country tax codes.

Valuation Guidance

CECP’s Valuation Guide defines all terms used in the Giving in Numbers research to ensure consistent reporting across participating companies. This is a useful tool for survey participants and nonparticipants alike. The in-depth research that provided the foundation of the Valuation Guide has helped create a common language around what is included, excluded, dollar valuation of in-kind goods and services, and more.

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