Welcome to the New Year!

Nine ways to engage with CECP throughout the year: 

  1. Login to MyCECP to access Issue Briefs, Giving in Numbers™ data, and more in our Data and Knowledge Centers (your username is your email address)
  2. Connect with our team for an annual call to review benefits or set up a demo 
  3. Register for CECP Events: calendar set through August 2022 
  4. Sign up for deep dives (contact us to learn more):  

 5. Encourage your CEO to join with CEO peers  

 6. Engage your Finance/ESG/Investor Relations teams:  

  • Upgrade to Comprehensive Level affiliation to access the CEO Investor Forum Network  

 7. Tell your story and celebrate your company’s work 

8. Deepen your global footprint through our Global Exchange 

9. Utilize our thought leadership page at CECP.co for Insights blogs, research reports, events summaries, and more 

10. Watch Quick Clips describing CECP’s services 

11. Email insights@cecp.co with any questions you may have 


Bookmark this page as a quick reference to how we can assist you!  

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